Affordable Marketing for Small Businesses in Huntsville, Madison, and Decatur, Alabama.

Designed with small businesses and non-profits in mind, Sunshine Marketing helps individuals manage their time by offering social media marketing services at affordable rates. From social media account creation to content development, and even complete social media marketing management, Sunshine Marketing has you covered.

Several friends own small businesses, and almost all of them have said, “I just don’t have time to effectively do social media. I know I need to, but…”

And so Sunshine Marketing was born with one role: to take away the “but.”

Professional-quality social media marketing services at freelance rates give you time to take care of your customers, make sales, and even spend some time with your family after dinner – instead of working on social media.

Isn’t it time you let Sunshine Marketing take away your “but?”


All in a Name...

So why Sunshine Marketing? Well, we bought a house for her, why not name a business after her? Sunshine is our rescue cat who showed up one day at our apartment complex (where we were not allowed to have cats, incidentally) with a bloody tail that was sliced open, ribs sticking out, and a whole host of other things wrong with her.

We fed her, and became her owners slaves people.

There were days at the vet clinic, numerous rounds of medication, a tail amputation, and more, but when Sunshine came to stay with us permanently, we were quickly trained to take care of her every want and need, including buying her a house (since the apartment was anti-cat).

And now… she also has a business. She stays away from working on client projects, but she shines on her Instagram account. She’s pushing for her own blog next, but we’re holding out so far.

Our Sunshine