Don't Leave Your Customers Hungry for Pizza


It was April 29, 2019 when I saw the ad. I got so excited that I tagged my husband in the post, and then, remembering how he is about Facebook – took a screenshot and sent it to him, too.

When meal planning for the next couple of weeks, I purposefully planned around having it the following Tuesday. I’d been dreaming of the day I got to have my next Papa Murphy’s taco pizza since they had stopped serving it (again) the previous fall.

That night, I helped get the kids to bed, set the oven to 425 degrees, and headed out the door to get the pizza.

Only to be told they didn’t have it, wouldn’t be getting it – and that NONE of the Alabama stores would be carrying it.

Now, since that first post – I’d seen dozen of Facebook ads for the return of this taco pizza. As I walked out of the restaurant – without a pizza because I really wanted a taco pizza and nothing else – I muttered that Papa Murphy’s clearly needed to hire me to help them with social media marketing as they are wasting precious ad dollars.

Can Papa Murphy’s afford to waste a few ad dollars? Probably. Can your small business? Unlikely.

One of my absolute favorite things about social media marketing is the precision of its targeting abilities. With these capabilities, there is no discernible reason I should have seen multiple ads for the return of the taco pizza. Papa Murphy’s was clearly not targeting their ads appropriately.

So how do you make sure you don’t waste ad dollars on Facebook (in particular)?

  • Target based on geography: You can choose to target a specific zip code (one of my favorite ways to use this feature), city, radius, and more. Because Alabama was not included in the re-launch of the taco pizza, significant ad spend could have been saved by excluding people who lived in the entire state.

  • Target based on age or sex: Knowing your target market is critical in this case. One of my clients runs a baby and children’s boutique, and as such typically is not targeting men. She also knows that grandmas are just as important for her business as moms, so she’s careful to reach high enough in the age range to hit them.

  • Target based on interests: This one can be tricky, as Facebook has reworked their target options a great deal in the past year. For instance, another client of mine liked to target homeowners, which you no longer can. However, you can target those interested in homeownership and home improvement, which likely hits at least a large portion of the same population.

The bottom line is make sure you are targeting, and not just blanket “boosting” posts. No matter what your budget is, this information can be helpful, but if you have a small advertising budget, this is even more important.

Overwhelmed by ad targeting? Sunshine Marketing can help make sure you aren’t trying to sell pizza to people who can’t get it. Trust us: we would NOT do that to someone!