Do you need to worry about the latest Facebook changes?


Recently, Facebook announced another update to their platform. No need to look at what date this was published: it could really be any day that ended in Y, right? Okay, maybe that joke is stretching it a bit. But it does seem like change is constant with Facebook, and that probably won’t be changing (oh, an even worse joke: I might need more coffee before I finish this post) any time soon.

The latest update is paradoxically planning to take a public social media platform and try to make it a more private social media platform.

So the question is: do you need to be worry about this most recent change by Facebook?


Well, maybe.

Truthfully, I can’t answer that question in a blanket blog post, so I’m making some generalizations to write this. In order to give you true piece of mind, it would require analyzing your social media activities, discussing your goals and how you are currently using social media and other marketing efforts to reach those goals, budget for ad spend, and more.

But to boil it down, here is what you will need to make sure you are doing to stay relevant with the latest change:

Allocating money to advertising dollars. It is critical to have a budget to put behind your social media marketing efforts. While once a business could post on Facebook and not need to have money to advertise, those days are long gone. Regardless of if you have 3 fans, 30 fans, 3,000 or even 3,000,000 fans – you need to put money behind your social media posts. If you aren’t planning to advertise on Facebook, I probably wouldn’t even bother working out a content calendar for it.

I went through my list of page likes on my personal page while writing this, and discovered there are well over two dozen businesses I haven’t heard from in so long I forgot I followed. I clicked on a few and they’re still actively posting content – I’m just not seeing it because they are not using ad dollars.

Diversifying your content. Always sharing photos? Try some videos. Try some LIVE videos. Try stories! Remember: this content doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t let the perfection paralysis claim you: just take the leap and do something different.

Communicating with customers. Don’t sell. Never sell to your customers. Communicate with them. Educate them. Share jokes, memes, daily photos, but stop selling to them, and do it right away.

Marketing in more than one place. If all your eggs are in the Facebook (or Instagram or YouTube or whatever social media channel you can think of) basket, you need to get some of them out and start putting them elsewhere. NOW. This is the most important point I can make, so please take note: just because something is working today for your social media marketing does not mean it will work tomorrow. You need to be thinking of other places and ways to reach your target audience and start working towards that today.

Satisfying your customers. Hopefully this last one goes without saying, but truly: if you aren’t pleasing people, you will not succeed in business.

If you are doing these five things, you don’t need to worry about the latest Facebook changes. If you aren’t - you still don’t need to worry: you need to act. Now is the time to make changes. Sunshine Marketing can help.