Detailed Step-by-Step Marketing Plans that will help you reach your goals!


When it comes to social media marketing, you need to have a plan. Without a plan, you are just posting sporadically without considering how you will reach your goals or target market.

Our comprehensive strategic social media marketing plans are detailed step-by-step six months plans to guide your social media marketing activities. They are written for six months so that all recommendations are up-to-date for current social media trends and are re-evaluated regularly as is necessary to stay current with the changing social media landscape. The plans are incredibly detailed, but also leave room for changes on the fly as needed due to fluidity in social media and the small business. You know – in case you need to add in naps for a cat of your own.

Plan creation starts with a meeting where your business, goals, and target markets are discussed in great detail. It takes roughly four-six weeks to complete the social media marketing plan, and after it is printed and bound, another meeting takes place to review the plan.

Social media marketing plan development is often combined with content development and social media management services.


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