Is your small business marketing on the right track? Let us help!


So you are a unicorn small business owner who knows their goals, target audience, has their social media channels already up and running, and you are regularly producing content. Even Sunshine is waking up from a nap to look at you in awe.

But… you wonder, are you on the right track? Has something new popped up that you might not know about? Could you make a couple of tweaks and see better results? Do you just want to bounce ideas off someone?

That’s where our Marketing Strategy Sessions come into play. We will review social media accounts and activities, giving strategic advice on immediate changes you can implement to help you see better interaction and results from your efforts. We can also help you review strategy for one-off events and more, giving you just enough feedback to keep on moving.

Sessions can be monthly, bi-annually, or just happen when you are feeling the need to touch base. The beauty of them is that they work with your schedule (and okay, around Sunshine’s feeding schedule, too), and are tailored to your unique business needs.


Let's Work Together!

Ready brainstorm your Social Media Marketing with the professionals? Have a question about our Social Media Marketing Strategy Sessions? We would love to hear from you!